Friday, 18 April 2014

Hire 9L Chafing Dishes + 2hr fuel @ £7.50 a set Coventry

9L Chafing Dishes + 2hrs fuel @ £7.50 a set
SUMMER is Party time! Reserve buffet equipment without delay. Some up coming weekends are now fully booked therefore check if we are not fully booked on the day of your event by clicking the Equipment Booking Calendar on the Right panel of our homepage. Good luck! Find out about our Special Deals where you can hire dinner plates and cutlery without paying extra costs.  Click here for an opportunity to save significantly on your party costs.  

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Chafing equipment Helps to Kill Bacteria and Parasites

After food is cooked, bacteria begin to grow gradually as the food temperature goes down. To prevent the bacteria from thriving, make sure that your food is constantly heated up throughout your service. Salmonella microbe is killed off once food temperature reaches 140°F for at least ½hr. At 140˚F for 2 hours will certainly kill off bacteria such as the Salmonella microbe. When you host parties for your events chafing dishes are quiet handy to maintain good food temperature and keep bacteria at bay. We supply our chafing dishes complete with chafing fuel at the most affordable cost ever.  Click this Equipment Booking Form to submit your booking now absolutely with no obligation.